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Vegetarian Restaurants in Bucharest
As you read in our article on Romanian food the locals eat a lot of meat and in the Romanian
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Tea Houses in Bucharest
Romanians love their cup of coffee especially in the morning or in the afternoon. Besides this, you may also find
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Cafés in Bucharest
As you may learn from our daily Bucharest free walking tour, the Romanian city that has been described as ‘little
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Best of Restaurants with Romanian cuisine in Bucharest
From the article on Romanian food you know what are the tastiest traditional Romanian dishes. However, unless you are a guest
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The Top Romanian Foods
One of the best part of travelling to new countries is to taste the local food and fortunately for our
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Travelling by Public Transport in Bucharest
With a population of close to 2 million people and over 200 km2, Bucharest is a pretty big place. So
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Taxis in Bucharest: Tips and Tricks
How much it costs, where to order them, how not to get tricked? If you are reading this, it means
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The Romanian Money
Now that you are in Romania you will need to use the local currency: the LEU. Even though Romania is
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Where to pee in Bucharest: A guide to public toilets
This is probably not a topic you were expecting to find in the local tips section, but if you think
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